Club Policies, Documents & Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Monthly Club and AGM meeting minutes can be found here.

Code of Conduct

All members of the Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club are required to abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct.

MTBA Code of Conduct

The MTBA Code of Conduct is to describe the type of general behaviour that Mountain Bike Australia expects from anyone associated with Mountain Bike Australia and the activity of mountain biking.

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment outlines measures to manage the Douglas MTB Park.

Trail Management Plan

The Trail Management Plan outlines how the Club will manage the Douglas MTB Park in accordance with the permit to occupy.

MTB Riders Code of Conduct

The MTBA's Mountain Biker Code of Conduct adapted from Responsible Riding, IMBA Rules of the Trails.

Environmental Policy

The Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club will strive to be aware of all aspects and minimise the impacts on the environment and community in which it operates as well as comply with its permits to occupy and associated environmental conditions.

Weed Control

The current Accepted Development Vegetation Clearing Code: Managing Weeds (the weeds code) became effective on 7 February 2020.