Rockwheelers Membership

The Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club is a family-friendly club. The Club is the second largest mountain bike club in Australia with over 400 members and growing. We have a large demographic with ages spanning from 3 years to 70 years of all different shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Our members are a friendly and motivated group of riders. We love getting outdoors and hitting the trails. Some ride leisure, others for fitness, some are competitive athletes and most of us just are because we love getting outdoors and hitting the trails for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Members enjoy a number of benefits from discounted club event entries to access to exclusive adventure rides. Check out the Member Benefits

By becoming a Club Member, it will help Rockwheelers progress our club goals and objectives.

  • have greater advocacy for the sport of mountain biking in the region
  • membership fees go towards maintaining trails
  • undertake trail design and development projects
  • development of MTB skills programs and community initiatives
  • organise social rides, races, events and skill clinics

In addition, as a non-profit organisation run by volunteers, we welcome any further volunteer support and contributions that you are able to provide. Just by becoming a member of our club, you are helping the mountain bike community.

A healthy and vibrant club can't exist without our valued members - in short we need you!

Membership Types

Your membership is comprised of two parts - 1) Rockwheelers membership and 2) Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) membership.

Rockwheelers has one flat membership fee for all categories and age groups. 

See Membership Fees for breakdown of different membership options and costs.

MTBA Insurance

Your MTBA competition and social memberships cover insurance in all Rockwheelers rides and events as well as other MTBA events.

In addition to coverage at club activities, the policy covers you for your general cycling activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A summary of the cover can be viewed from the MTBA website.