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    I suggest the new signs indicating unauthorised trails were beyond the sign are in the wrong place.

    They are currently located on the Spiderbait loop that goes out to the lookout.  Meaning that a whole loop of Spiderbait is included in the unauthorised trail area.  If the signs prove effective it will discourage a lot of riders from using this loop.  It is also likely to reduce the maintenance of this trail.  The loop is listed on the new and current map as a blue two way intermediate trail – it should remain as that and be maintained to those standards.

    The unauthorised trail signs should be located at the start of the unauthorised trails.

    It was suggested to me that this location was just to show that the unauthorised trails are beyond the sign – fair enough but if you are going to take this simple view point you may as well put them in the car park and cover the whole of the hill.


    I agree with you Gazza, nothing against the volunteers and hard work that went in to installing them, but i would put it and assume it would go at the entrance of an illegal trail.

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    I agree. While it is a great idea i think it is in the wrong spot.  I think that sign should be at the corner below the spierbait stairs towards the lookout. not at the start of that fork of spiderbait. We often use that trail in the targa xc race.

    At the moment you have a sign with a blue arrow on spiderbait pointing straight at another sign saying unauthorized trails beyond this point. It could definitely confuse someone.

    Its all good for those of us that know the trails. But it might stop others from going down a blue trail that they would otherwise be perfectly ok on.


    Now fixed.

    The sign has been moved to the end of Spiderbait on the entry to the track that goes to the lookout – how that trail ever got a blue rating is beyond me.  It should be a walking track.

    The second sign is a little further along the walking trail if needed somewhere else.

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