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    I sent an open letter to the Trail Building Committee regarding the recent change in name and grading of the Spiderbait trail.

    Trail Building Committee;
    I wish to lodge a formal complaint about the change of name (Angry Steps) and change of grading to a section of the Spiderbait trail. I seek to have the issue raised at the next meeting of the Rockwheelers Trail Building Committee.

    The club is using the Trail Forks site for the Douglas MTB Reserve. This site (app) shows the grading of each trail. A recent change was made where a new black grade trail was added overwriting the original blue grade trail.

    If the committee did approve the change of status I request to see the minutes of the meeting where this change was approved. If the committee did not authorise the change I request it be returned to it’s original name and blue level on the Trail Forks system.

    In support of my complaint I would add;
    The trail was built and has been maintained to the blue rating until the recent change was made. I am not aware of any changes that would require the change of grading.

    The name and grading appears to reflect only one short feature of the trail, which on the original trail was a side feature and not the main trail.
    I believe the ‘black’ status will discourage the average and newer riders from attempting the trail reduces the number of trails aimed and available for the average rider.

    The only feature which would warrant a black rating is the steep decline at the end nearest the lookout, which was on the original trail plans an alternate, not the main trail and was also rated a blue trail. All other features are blue level and fall well below other blue level trails on the network.

    I am prepared to attend the next meeting of the trail committee and speak on behalf of this complaint.

    Garry Hutcheson

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