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    I did some work on Spiderbait this morning. On my way up I found a couple of riders on Easy Street claiming ignorance because there was no sign.

    I was probably a little more blunt than I needed to be, but they seemed to get the message and walked out.

    The lower trails are still very soggy (still running water on Boulderdash) but the upper trails were generally good, but still very soft for anything more than just rolling over the ground.


    I am happy for the above gazza, reckon it probabaly needed harsh. sorry if it offends.

    "I never said it was going to be easy, I said it was going to be worth it!" "Cake or Death?"


    I’ve scheduled a post for tomorrow morning reminding that trails are closed and referencing TrailForks. All my posts repeat the theme of using your head, doing the right thing, don’t leave ruts, etc but it’s always a hard sell. Nathan also sent some reports that I have added to highlight the great work our awesome volunteers have been doing.

    Great work on the trails Gaz!!

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