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    The photos I took at the Paluma Push are uploaded to the links below. Unfortunately I didn’t get every rider and not every picture I took was suitable for publishing (my errors). Apologies if I missed you.

    The folders are from two different cameras so if you are not in A you may be in B. If you would like a larger version let me know and I can see what I can do.

    Folder A

    Folder B

    While you can just share the link I would prefer people were given a link to this page. At least that will generate traffic to the RW web site.

    A couple of my favourites below;

    Rider Briefing

    Start of comp riders

    Jeff Ruback taking the ‘A’ Line to pass some slower riders

    Is everyone happy…. you bet your life we are…

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    Some good pics there Gazza. You’ve done well.
    Not sure if coincidence or not but every single pic of someone doing a wheelie for the camera is riding a Rocky Mountain. Haha.


    Thanks. Wheelies are probably just a coincidence. Also saw a couple today 🙂 so maybe it is the bike or maybe it is the rider?

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