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    – nearly 12-month-a-year favourable weather in recent years,
    – 24/7 access conditions,
    – close proximity to riders homes and CBD,
    – a 40km network of diverse trails that cater to a full spectrum of beginner-to-advanced rider experiences, and
    – a band of generous club members, supporters and dedicated volunteers who develop and maintain the trail network,
    It’s no wonder that Douglas Mountain Bike Reserve is one of the most ridden MTB venues in the world.

    According to more than 2.5 million ride logs uploaded to Trailforks that covers rides from all over the world, Douglas ranks
    – #2 in the category of most ridden regions in the world1; and
    – #5 in the category of most checked-in regions in the world1.

    We’ve got a hive of MTB activity going on here in Townsville. Be proud. Tell all your friends. Share your ride data to Trailforks. Help whenever you can to keep this community asset thriving. Keep up the great work!


    Note 1: A single ride gets counted as 1 in Trailforks Ridden Regions category; If on that ride you ride on 5 different trails, that gets counted as 5 in Trailforks Checked-in Regions category.

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    That’s amazing stuff. I’ve stolen your text for Facebook. I’m hoping to plug Trailforks a bit over coming weeks to make sure people are logging their rides and having a positive impact on our statistics!

    Great post!



    "I never said it was going to be easy, I said it was going to be worth it!" "Cake or Death?"


    Word around the rainbows was that someone awesome was comparing our Trailforks stats to of the riding powerhouse that is Rotorua. Yep, they are catching Douglas in Total Check-ins.

    In fact, they had a big year in 2017 with nearly 41,000 check-ins:
    , eclipsing us with 39,000 check-ins:

    And yet, we’ve only got 466 unique riders adding Trailforks stats; Rotorua had 1,275 unique riders. Wow, how much do our locals really love their riding, pumping out similar activity with only 36% of the rider base. Makes my cornus go all tingly 🙂

    Everyone, get your Strava linked and uploaded to Trailforks.

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    Can i share this unicorn man, or better yet can macca???

    "I never said it was going to be easy, I said it was going to be worth it!" "Cake or Death?"

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