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    This had some very good attendance from our gals and guys and great ideas and discussion. Many thanks all.

    Refer summary of the discussion – attached below.

    Sparkle, sparkle!

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    Bryan Wharton

    Let’s be clear about bikes with motors. They are all, and should be referred to as MOTOR CYCLES.

    The industry push for acceptance of them on footpaths and trails by labeling them E Bikes or Pedal Assist or Battery Bikes or Energy Reactiation or whatever they choose is just something else they want us to spend our money on.

    If it has a motor of ANY sort, it is a MOTOR CYCLE.

    So the discussion that now needs to be had is quite simple. DO YOU WANT TO ALLOW MOTOR CYCLES ON OUR TRAILS? YES OR NO.


    I don’t agree Bryan. Pedal assist is just that, assistance pushing the pedals. It opens the sport to a range of people who could not otherwise become involved. They have been designed with the function limiter built in and I would suggest their impact is minimal on the trails.

    Anyone who converts their pedal assist to motor operated bicycle has as you suggest created a motor cycle and by definition should not be on our trails.

    The problem as I see it is how to police/persuade or otherwise deter self powered motor cycles from using the trails. If you go the whole hog and ban anything with a motor you are likely to fail, simply because of the current public attitude towards inclusion.


    I 100% agree with above and feel it should be addressed at Committee Level and possibly include updated signage.

    There have been a few complaints/comments on Facebook regarding e-bikes that are clearly unrestricted causing problems on the trails.

    The other issue that it seems to cause is a change in the “give way” dynamic. Slow climbing riders are easyer to spot, and make a call to give ways. It seems the prevalent e-bike rider is more content to speed up trails and not give way.

    (Not painting them all with the same brush, of course).

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