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    Welcome to the new Rockwheelers site and forums.

    You will need to register an account to start posting in the forums.

    Register An Account

    More information about your account and the new site is available on the Website and Tech forum. There you will find a guide on setting up your new account and using the new forums.


    Please bear with us as we finalize the tweaks to the site over the next week and get some content up.

    Make sure you register so you can start talking on the forum!


    We probably need to start to advertise and use the forums more.  Hopefully when the events get posted there will be more discussion or at least news.


    That is the plan I will be emailing members and promoting on social media heaps to get accounts and participation up.

    Right now my time is being spent on getting current articles up, getting familiar with the new backend and tuning the rest of the site. Very happy with it all so far.

    Hoping for an official launch after this weekend.

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