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    Is there anyone with a drivers licence who would be interested in some co-operative shuttles up mt stuart? I have a hilux and a trailer but i want to be able to ride with my son, so if there is anyone who would be interested in a few free shuttles up mount stuart? I just need someone who wants a ride and is willing to drive the hilux down a couple of times on weekends when I am home. I will of course shuttle whoever it is for several runs also. If you want to bring a mate that would be fine. 4 bikes will go in the trailer ok. I work in PNG so I am only back on selected weekends.


    I know it sounds unusual but heaps of people rock up at the mt stuart dh trails in the bottom carpark on the weekends around 4pm. Look for a crew with mature lads with kids. Ken or Kennie (dreds) have kids they ride with, and there is usually a heap of other nice people that ride with them, they just share shuttles etc, don’t be shy just introduce yourself and ask them and it will happen. They often go on weekdayts also around 5pm for a couple of runs. Let me know if you dont catch up with them. DH race is on tomorrow so they will all be there at the race i imagine. Good time to meet people!!!

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    That is brilliant info mate, thanks. I fly back to PNG on Monday but the next time I am in town I will bring the lad and we will make an afternoon of it. Much appreciated. I used to be a rockwheelers member a long time ago but when I was relocated to PNG I dropped out of sight for about 5 years. But now my son is keen too.

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