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    Hi All

    I’m building up a Yeti ASR dually and am looking at new forks too. I’m happy ish on the down hill but lack peddle power on the up so want to keep weight low.

    I’m looking at either the 120 mm Fox Factory Float but can decide on the 32 or 34. Or the SID RLC if it can be dialed out to 120 mm Srams website says it only comes in 80 or 100 mm.

    Currently I’m riding fox float 2015 32 mm shocks on a Santa Cruz tallboy.

    Decisions decisions so would love some input…




    tough one. as an xc bandit id say low weight is prob the priority so that’s the answer? for me though i remember going from 32 to 34, the difference for me was amazing, the stiffness it added on the ruff stuff was great. felt like it handle so much better, it would shoot where i pointed, didnt get bumped around so much of course. I could never go back to 32, the handling in the terrain around here with all our rocks is just not worth the very few grams you save. I now run 35 and they say the 36 is almost as light now. depends what that bike is used for. you wouldn’t notice the extra few grams on an all day fun ride, in a race probably. whats the weapons intended use? if its your race bike and the tallboy your fun, stick 32 on the race and 34 on the fun.

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    Thabks Nathan
    Yes comming to the conclusion that the 34 is the way to go. Have a pair of 32 at home so can mix and match but think long term the 32 will end up on a hard tail

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