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    Check out “Hero Dirt” story from 18:19 in this clip:

    Sparkle, sparkle!


    amazing storey, just need hero dirt and government willing to listen!

    "I never said it was going to be easy, I said it was going to be worth it!" "Cake or Death?"


    I rode Moab a few years ago. Way more exposed and rocky than Douglas. Soil was not in the slightest, heroic. But was one of the best riding weeks ever with so many options on and off bike.

    National Parks equivalent do a great job keeping parks open, clean and in good repair

    Town is not big, maybe 10,000 people but swells to 40,000 during peak holiday season. They have slowly built up services, accommodation, places to eat, and for a Mormon state (Salt Lake City is the home of a massive Mormon Tabernacle), the whole state has some pretty cool craft beer and general breweries, including in Moab. Some of the local brews have names to do with bikes and riding.

    Craft beer got mentioned in Derby story a couple times.

    Maybe we team up with local brewers to churn out some MTB themed beverages.

    Sparkle, sparkle!


    Well now that you mention it, Dags brother is a national crowned brew champion, Lee loves his Beer, so do I. He was the head brewer at Townsville breweries. Now does his own. We need to get him on board to brew some up!!! I was in Derby recently and yes tried some ( cough, cough, many! Trevor and Sam had a weak game!) of the local gear and it was pretty nice, they have embraced it well.
    Imagine, Dougie is great! few more at Palleranda and some better maintenance, couple new trails over at this new suburb south of Towsville, Paluma loops and a Bluewater to Paluma ride, and some miracle GBRMP island trail magic and we would have easy 30 k visitors a year.
    I dibs head taster at brewery once it goes nuts!!!

    "I never said it was going to be easy, I said it was going to be worth it!" "Cake or Death?"

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