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    Is there an issue with ross dam access? All the xc races have been at Douglas this year and doesn’t seem like their will be a Hotrock this year?

    Is there a reason there has been no racing at the dam?


    trails are no good, need big clean up, have been trying to get corrections to come out and cut and help but no good so far, requires many hands and working bees, think Gazza did a recon??? Do we want to organise a working bee soon dags?

    "I never said it was going to be easy, I said it was going to be worth it!" "Cake or Death?"


    It’s up to the organisers what courses to set, and Douglas has been the easy path with limited resources, as stated the Dam trails need a bit of love.

    The Hotrock I believe was not held to focus on the MTB Festival & the Dam Dark is full steam ahead.


    I went for a ride at the dam about a month ago. The trails are generally ride-able, however they are rough/rocky in places. And most places are overgrown.

    Nathan has been working to get corrections to cut the trails, so far without any joy.

    After I saw the trails I asked the committee what they wanted to do, and they generally agreed to support the trails. I guess the meeting in September we will see how committed.

    Lack of use seems to be a significant cause of the trails falling into disrepair – with no use there is no repair (out of sight out of mind) and with the degrading of the trails the use becomes less and so on.

    I suggest that all parts of the club could be involved. Certainly there should be XC races at the dam rather than the easier option of using the same trails at Douglas. Even the Targa is not using the dam – supposedly to finish earlier on Fathers Day but perhaps the condition of the trails was a consideration?

    Hopefully Keith will be asked to run his races (17 and 24 Sept) in preparation for the state titles. I even suggest that the GE group could run a soft GE event – maybe for beginners or juniors – there are plenty of trail option to get to the top of what hills that are there.


    Hey Gaz, We had considered using the Dam for the Targa, however, the main reason was the safety of riders going through the Road works. Bike lane is very thin and is buffered by a concrete barrier. Wouldn’t take much for a cyclist to get squashed. So we made the call and dropped the Dam.


    however, the main reason was the safety of riders going through the Road works.

    That’s a fair point. Hopefully we get enough people at the working bees for the Dam Dark to get the trails cleaned up.


    Overgrown trails? Maybe we should be spraying ?


    🙂 maybe….
    It is only in short sections not the whole length of the trail…..

    What we really need is a spray that will dissolve rocks 🙂

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