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    Good news story that evolved this week below.

    Big thanks to Gazza from boulderdash who has put his hand up to show cavalry the ropes today at late notice. If anyone is free tomorrow at the same time, it would be great to teach them more. Imagine if we had a school group doing maintenance once a month or so, if anyone can spare an hour tomorrow that would multiply so much for the club.

    Hey all,

    There were about 12 kids and 2 teachers from Calvary. The kids were 13/14years old, well behaved and helpful. I gave them a quick speel on what we are trying to achieve. Bevan seemed to understand and appreciate where we are at.

    We went to a section of Flow Trail and Boulderdash. It was at the top of Flow in the first couple of berms. The water had run down the lower side of the berm making a gutter about 8” deep and 12” across at the lowest point. The water ran off the flow Trail and made a drain down onto Boulderdash.

    We filled the gutter with rocks. The wash out on Boulderdash was filled with what was washed down, smoothed where it ran on and de-bermed where it ran off the lowest part of Boulderdash. It made the trail smooth and rideable.

    I suggest it needs a drain put in to send the water into the creek, but that is another job. Perhaps the rock drain will slow the water enough so it is not needed anyway? The berm above this has a similar issue (not as big) and it sends the water back onto the Flow Trail near the jump. The landing is a bit rocky but should be ok for now.

    I suggested that if the school wanted to they could probably come out and rake any trail – just simple raking. But perhaps they could be allocated a section of trail they could adopt? Would make it easier to manage and probably give them better focus. Several of the kids said they rode the Flow Trail. Other options could be Extra Dash. Their time is not abundant – we were there no more than an hour and they arrived early. They had to be back at school to catch buses etc.

    Mozzy, I think the group tomorrow is smaller (5 kids? I think)

    Photos attached. Thought we should get permission before making pics of the kids public.



    The Calvary kids (5 ) their teacher Bevan and I spent about an hour on the Flow Trail today.

    A few wheel catching ruts filled in and creek crossing smoothed out that’s all.
    The bottom end of the Flow Trail is in pretty good shape really.
    But anyway I think the plus is that Calvary are more aware of what rockwheelers expect and more importantly they can see that it is not that hard to do something positive towards trail maintenance.

    Whether this leads to a regular thing ….who knows
    I left my old fart cranky hat at home..

    I didn’t walk the full length of the trail so not sure what is left to be done.




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