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    My post got screwed up so please read the attached if it doesn’t work again, and refer to updated shift schedule, two posts below.

    Seriously, Douglas is over growing and the club is hosting a couple of races in a few weeks. Your trails need some of your love. Please find a couple hours on the weekend to run a club brush cutter, working in small crews, and clearing the trail corridors of as much overgrowth as you can.

    We’re running 2 hour shifts from 6am Saturday and then from 6am Sunday. OK if folks want to do double shifts.
    {see two posts below for updated availability}

    What’s worked for us in the past is for Volunteers to work together on same track, leap frogging if they want pace each other. That helps us focus on clearing continuous sections and to guide people where to start from during the day. Plus, people have got a buddy nearby just in case.

    At the end of your shift, if the next volunteer hasn’t yet arrived, leave the gear track-side for the next person. At the end of last shift, folks can walk the gear out for collection at the car park {pending where we end up Saturday, might be stashing the gear on the hill}.

    Rockwheelers will supply a commercial grade brush cutter (4 working and currently available), Personal Protective Equipment (Stihl helmet with ear and face shield protection), brush cutter cord, fuel, and basic first aid items.

    You’ll need to bring: sturdy closed in shoes, long pants, long sleeve shirt, insect repellent, sunscreen, hydration, mobile phone.

    Operating our powerful brush cutters is serious stuff and not the same as just waving around your regular backyard weed wacka. Please study this document “Safe operation of a Brushcutter” before emailing. Any questions, email

    If you can help:
    Please email your preferred shift start times to with your mobile phone number and confirmation that you’ve completed the induction (refer above). We will endeavour to update the list above as slots fill up.

    Please post a picture of your trail handy work after your shift.

    If you can coordinate: kick things off at first shift, keep things moving during the day, texting upcoming shift where to start, troubleshooting, restocking end-of-day, you’d be saving My magical rainbow unicorn from having its butt hanging out a very, very long way. Please email – I’m happy to coach and shadow.

    Sparkle, effen sparkle!

    Sparkle, sparkle!

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    Daniel Rubach

    Nice work Longo. Good luck. I hope you get a good response.

    Me n Jeff will cut the fireoad section heading from the hammerhead/longway intersection over toward the jcu hub this weekend. There is also a little bit of trail work we want to do there. We’ll use our own cutters so dont put us on your blitz roster.

    I’ve got one of the club cutters. Please let me know where you want this put so it can be used by your volunteers.

    I’ll focus on trying to get some course marking signs put up this weekend also.


    Dan Rubach.


    Shifts (gunna try editting this post as emails come in):
    We’re running 2 hour shifts from 6am Saturday and then from 6am Sunday. OK if folks want to do double shifts.

    Saturday 14th April:
    6am: GML | GL | BL | PF
    8am: PF|GML|?|?
    10am: MJW?|?|?
    12pm: GW|GW2|?|?
    2pm: DR|?|?|?
    4pm: ?|?|?|?

    Sunday 15th April:
    6am: ?| ? | ? | ?
    8am: IC|PG|TH|?
    10am: BH|MD|?|?
    12pm: BH|?|?|?
    2pm: ?|?|?|?
    4pm: GW|DW|DC|?

    Sparkle, sparkle!


    I’ve made a Facebook post for tomorrow AM and added an article on the front page of the website.

    Both link back to this forum post.


    Good morning guys, I’ve emailed you as well but I’m keen to come and assist this morning. I’m available from 10 am.
    Cheers Matt, 0409 246 842.


    Crews are progressing very well.

    Cut since 6am:
    Hammerhead up to Backside, including a veer onto fire road before Long Way;
    Backside to Sputnik;
    Beefwood; and
    Long way from Beefwood junction, toward Hammerhead junction.

    Refer Glenn’s pic from Beefwood – might be worth a rake, not so much the grass but all the loose rocks:

    Sparkle, sparkle!


    If you can head up for 6am shift (I might be asleep), just head up Windarra. Still email me with your mobile so I can text you and find where you end up to guide 8am shift.

    Cutters are:
    2 @ Long Way-Hammerhead junction;
    2 @ up further on Long Way, 2 corners before the Tunnel of Love (tunnel thing with RnR trail going over top).

    Sparkle, sparkle!


    Long way to Top Summit done.
    Crew currently on Spiderbait, then onto bits around the top, then rest of Ring Bark Frog.

    Still plenty of spots open 12pm & 2pm. Nice breeze on hill, gorgeous day. Good chance while cutters up top to knock off upper trails. I’ll need them brought down end of day. Please get in touch.

    Race course bits lower down on Easy Street etc. will get done during the week.

    Sparkle, sparkle!


    I got a bit of the low hanging fruit and done Jump St this arve.

    tried somthing frankenstein with an old mower and kinda tidied up the carpark area but hasn’t worked as well as hoped, better than it was though

    PS: 16/4: had a chop into the Jump St runin so its a bit tidier now but not a footpath.


    tried somthing frankenstein with an old mower and kinda tidied up the carpark area but hasn’t worked as well as hoped, better than it was though

    Seemed ok. At least I got a place to park because of that clearing. Car park was otherwise full when I arrived.

    Sparkle, sparkle!


    How tough are our brush cutting crews? Riding those machines on uneven terrain is tricky and getting baked by afternoon sun is truly sapping. But they did it, and I am extremely grateful for every blade of grass that I didn’t have to cut myself or won’t get whipped in the face by anymore this season.

    Almost all the race course is done, with some small sections on Easy Street to Backside, and Redtail-Easy link to Fruit Loop still to knock over in coming days. Queensland Corrective Services cavalry is on its way…

    Thanks all for your patience with the disruptions to rides over the weekend and any of my rants and raves. Hopefully we’ll get to the rest of the Reserve, all cut very soon.

    I’m off to slumber amidst the clouds and rainbows. Nighty-night.

    Sparkle, sparkle!

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