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The Club

The Townsville Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club is a family-friendly, not-for-profit sporting organisation run solely by volunteers. We build and maintain a large network of mountain bike trails at our ‘home’ The Douglas MTB Park and Mt. Stuart.

The Club is the second largest mountain bike club in Australia with over 500 members and growing. We have a large demographic with ages spanning from 3 to over 70 years with both male and female riders.

The Douglas Mountain Bike Park is our home base, the Club has a tenure of the land for the primary purpose of mountain biking. The Park has over 40km of trails ranging from green to black diamond gradings with all trail construction and maintenance completed and funded by the Club. Funding is sought through the efforts of committee members through various grant applications from government and business, sponsorships and most importantly club memberships. The Club does not receive any recurrent funding or resources from Local, State or Federal government.

With all this in mind; our volunteers, club members and committee members are of utmost importance to the continued growth of the Club and our trail network.

The Douglas Mountain Bike Reserve

Douglas Mountain Bike Reserve is set on 116 hectares of land and consists of 40km of trails that have been developed by the Club’s volunteer trail builders.

The park is a stacked loop design with easy trails close to the bottom with trails gaining in difficulty as you venture further into the park. There are four entrances to the park; these include Munkhouse Road via JCU, the very top of Windara Avenue, off Klewarra Boulevard and the main car park along Angus Smith Drive.

There are some awesome features such as a skills park, a pump track, gnarly rock gardens, jumps for beginners through to elite riders, a handful of timber drops and a timber wallride. Lots of variety for all different fitness and skill level.

JCU Connection

James Cook University is an important partner of the Club with over 30 hectares of trails built on JCU land. This has been done with their permission and overarching direction and land management approvals.

Without the assistance and support of JCU some of our awesome trails would not exist.