Life Members

Our club is celebrating an incredible milestone in 2024. 30 years of exhilarating rides, enduring friendships, significant growth, and unwavering passion for mountain biking! We're on the lookout for those exceptional souls who embody the spirit of our club - the ones who've shaped our history and continue to make a lasting impact. It's time to nominate individuals for a prestigious Honor: Life Membership.

Do you know someone whose dedication, passion, and commitment to our club have been unwavering? Someone whose contributions have been the heartbeat of our community? Nominate them for a chance to grant them Life Membership!

Nomination Criteria:
• Demonstrated long-term commitment to the club
• Significant impact on club activities, growth, or spirit
• Exemplary leadership or volunteerism within the club

Nominate by clicking the link below. You do need to be a current Townsville Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club member to nominate. Life member policy can be found on our website.