Rockwheelers Members must complete this induction prior to using Lake Ross Trails for weekend social riding.  Please comply with all conditions of use to ensure all Rockwheelers members can enjoy access to the trails in this area.


Weekend access is permitted for Townsville Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club MEMBERS ONLY in accordance with the following conditions. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in a fine and may impact Townsville Rockwheelers’ future access to this area.

  • Access is permitted for current Townsville Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club members only that have registered their acceptance of the conditions of entry. Members must also have a current MTBA competition or recreation license.
  • Members must SIGN IN prior to entering.  The sign-in book is located in the Rockwheelers cabinet on the Rangers office wall – combo lock is ‘1991’. This is to monitor usage.  There is no requirement to sign out.
  • Access is only permitted from 5.00am Saturday to 6.00pm Sunday and 5.00am to 6.00pm on public holidays.
  • Members must at all times while on site carry current Rockwheelers membership ID and present the ID to authorized Townsville Water staff on demand. Failure to show current membership ID will constitute a breach of local laws and may result in a fine. Your current MTBA license that will show Rockwheelers as your nominated club.
  • Access is limited to the mountain bike trails and fire roads only.  Recommended entry to the trail network is via Marriners Flow (approx 100m from the top of the dam wall). However, the fire road between Marriners Flow entry and the Quarry can now be used with caution.  Watch for vehicles.
  • No access is permitted further along the 4WD road beyond the end of JetStream.
  • There is to be NO contact with lake water under any circumstances.
  • NO toileting under any circumstances in the storage area. Public Toilet facilities are located in Dam Park (first preference) and a portaloo is available at the quarry (second preference/ emergency use only).
  • NO littering. Take out what you take in – no wrappers, tubes etc to be left on the trails
  • No vehicle access is permitted. All vehicles are to be parked in the public car parking areas of Ross Dam Park.
  • Members are to ensure that bikes are free of mud, grass, and dirt BEFORE entering the Storage Area to prevent weed contamination by bringing in weed seeds into the catchment.
  • No access will be permitted during wet weather without the specific approval of the Townsville Water Ranger. Signage will be installed when the trails are closed.
  • Members must comply with any advisory signage installed at entry points.
  • Be aware of traffic on the access road. You may meet other traffic in either direction. Riding on the entrance road and the fireroad should be undertaken with additional caution.
  • Report immediately any safety hazards on the mountain bike trails to a Rockwheelers committee member.
  • Report immediately any unauthorised or unusual behavior to the Townsville Water Ranger.
  • No modifications are to be made to the mountain bike trails without the approval of the Rockwheelers Trail Building Committee.
  • International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) – rules of the trail apply.
  • For your safety, riding alone is not recommended.

You must sign in each time you ride at Lake Ross.

Emergency Numbers:

Ambulance / Police / Fire – 000
Ross Dam Ranger – 0409 629 298


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