Fox Super Flow

September 19, 2020

Two action-packed Rocky Trail racing weekends are coming to Townsville in September! The Douglas MTB Reserve trails will come alive with all types of racing on offer, and catering for riders of all abilities.
XC Racing with the Shimano MTB Grand Prix 4 and 7 hour enurance race on the 12th and this is the Fox Superflow enduro gravity race on the weekend of 19-20th September!
What is Superflow?
You know those perfect weekend rides with your besties? Fanging around with the little shredders? Always wanted to get your ‘other half’ to go racing with you? You love riding and exploring those trails together, meeting other riders and chatting about bikes and life, then racing each other absolutely smashing it down your favourite descent? Then you will love the our Superflows, because with us you can RACE THE WAY YOU RIDE!
For this Fox Superflow we’ll have three radical timed race stages for you – these particular trails in Townsville are the “epitome of superflow”, says our crew on the ground! Lots of exposed rock sections, a heap of flowy descents, which will dial the froth factor to 11 for locals and visiting racers alike!
How does it work?
Within a set timing window you complete a set of timed race stages, which are predominantly downhill – the faster you go, the more challenging it gets! Each event is a stand-alone event and you can also collect series points. You ride to the starts un-timed and you can pick the order in which to tackle the race tracks, which makes this event social and action-packed at the same time!
We offer an awesome day out to a wide range of riders through our broad race categories – from elite to amateur racers to families with juniors, couples and groups of friends riding together. Put on your race face – all your race pics are included in the entry!
Please be aware that temporarily there will be special COVID-19 event and race rules in place – please check out our website for all details! In summary:
COVID-19 Interim:
=> you pick your race day, SAT or SUN!
=> limited spots available, competitors sign up online.
=> event accreditation required for any spectator, supporter or media, sign up via the race portal (free admission, but limited spots).
What people love about the Superflow races is that they normally get to practice all day Saturday. With the COVID-19 measures this will change slightly and we will be racing on both days. You can select your preferred day when signing up.
No change:
=> Fastest run counts.
=> Stoke factor: 11!
What will not change is that you can still do up to 5 race runs on each track! You can also still pick the order in which you complete your race runs. Your fastest run on each track counts and there are LIVE results! Cross the line, pull out your phone and see how you went!
Fox Superflow = Race the way you ride!

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