Douglas MTB Reserve – Safety Risks

**Important safety message – please share**

Yesterday we had an initial look at Douglas and it’s not good news – our trail network has sustained significant damage – any access even on foot is extremely unsafe at this point in time please avoid.

There have been multiple landslips, and with how sodden the ground is there is a high chance of more. There are a number of big rocks (up to 6 tonnes) perched above trails that present an extreme hazard.

We are coming up with a plan to firstly make safe, and then start opening trails – some we can clean up by hand, others will remain closed until we can get machines on the trail.

Tomorrow we will bunt off the entire park to prevent access – I cannot emphasize the risk out there at the moment.

At this stage we will hold a working bee this weekend to try and open at least one up and one down trail – we appreciate there will be other priorities, please look after yourselves, friends and family first. There is months worth of work here!

Please share with any other groups that use our trails.

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