XC1 and Townsville MTB Festival Venue Change

Just a reminder that both XC1 and the MTB Festival have had a change of venue and are now at Douglas Mountain Bike Reserve.

Mother Nature forced us off our original course but riders don’t let down your guard. Actually, better brace yourselves because we’ve got something to delight you single track lovers: Douglas mountain bike reserve, Townsville’s premier XC and All mountain trail network.

The XCM course is a mouthwatering serving from this suburban single track smorgasbord. The flowy single track, techy rock roll downs, berms, structures, views of sprawling neighborhoods below, all with a tropical ocean and island backdrop to have you screaming for more.

Get ready for an all you can eat riding feast.

Here is a sneak preview of the XCM course. Note XC1 will be a similar course, but not quite the same.

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