Paluma Push – Thank you Keith and Tony

Now the dust has settled and the results are in, Rockwheelers would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Keith Spencer and Tony Paroz for their incredible efforts in organising the Paluma Push this year (for the second time). Thanks also to those who volunteered to help make it happen. As always, most things went well and some things didn’t. This year the biggest issue was the limited number of volunteers, throwing even more work back on to the organisers. Conservatively 250 man-hours between 2 people with about a dozen trips each to Paluma! Creating graphics, chasing sponsors, filling out legal paperwork and applications, buying stuff, arranging suppliers, negotiating terms with stakeholders, checking things work, organising volunteers, clearing and marking 70km of course!!, moving/carting equipment about, setting up, breaking down, clearing trailers, travel time, liaising with National Parks rangers, FaceBook and online communications, liaising with sponsors, arranging prizes, timekeeping, etc etc etc. You get the picture. All for no reward other than the delight on the faces of competitors who completed the race! The stress of making the dollars add up is not insignificant either! There are many and significant costs in running this event in a remote location, that may not be apparent to those who have not been involved in organising such an event. For any who might want to have a public gripe about something to do with the Push – please first consider the efforts these people have made and the impact your public negativity will have on others who might be willing in the future to make the sacrifices of time required to make the Paluma Push happen. If we can’t find someone willing to take it on next year – it won’t happen.

Next year we hope that we will be able to improve the structure of the race organising committee so that we don’t rely so heavily on a few committed volunteers. Please don’t be shy about putting up your hand up to help next year! To help us keep this legendary race continue, please let us know now if you think you may be able to help a little so we can plan ahead!

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