Paluma Push School Holiday Working Bees

Tony and Keith will be camping at Paluma Dam on the second weekend of the school holidays to mark and groom the trails ready for the biggest event of the year!

Can you help? Come up for a day, or come to camp and join the adventure.

We need plenty of hands up to prep the trails. It is a big job but a lot of fun. Many hands make light work.

So if you like riding the PUSH come help create it!

The first week (Targa Weekend) we’ll be up there trying to get the trails marked up faultlessly.
The middle weekend is the V8s..perfect opportunity to escape the noise and really annoying roads traps. Come up for a day or the weekend.
The last weekend will be a final tickle up. Very important.

Sat 30 June – Tue 3 July
Sat 7 July – Sun 8 July
Sat 14 July – Sun 15 July

Working Bee 1

Working Bee 2

Working Bee 3

Please comment on the Facebook Event, or email [email protected] if you can help!!

Back Loop 3 trail cutting (3-6 needed with brush cutters and trail tape)
Valley trails (3-5 needed with a ride-on mower would be awesome or brush cutters)
Fireroad check trimming (a ute with 2 bods needed and brush cutters etc)
Checkpoint 6 to Hidden Valley finish line (2 needed to trim and tape)

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