Long Way Upgrades

Lots of good things happening at Douglas already this year! All this work is funded by memberships and hard work from our committee members applying for grants to develop our trails.

More members = more dollars in the didn’t
More members = government, council etc take more notice as they will get more value from their investment to us.

If you ride are trails and are not a member you should join and support your club! www.rockwheelers.com.au/join

Groundions (Evan Rohde) will be on site next week to do the upgrade work on The Long Way. He is rejiggering from Hammerhead Junction to Ironbark Hub into a one way down Easy flow type trail.
Also Hammerhead below the junction will get some love including fixing drainage and general improvements.
Ther e will be some closures, riders should take note of any barriers signs etc.

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