JCU Side Trails Closed


James Cook University has closed the JCU Side (their land) of the Douglas MTB Park. This includes BOTH walking trails (Windara Avenue & Munkhouse Road) and ALL MTB trails on the JCU Side.

The MTB Trails on the JCU Side are:
– Wobbegong
– Hammerhead
– Blue Ring Octopus Loop
– Wedgetail
– Long Way from Windara to Ridgeline Hub
– Backside from the Saddle to Ridgeline Hub
– Spiderbait from Summit to Sputnik clockwise
– Texas Ranger

Please respect JCU’s decision and stay off their land. They are a very important stakeholder for the Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club.

If out riding, please use common sense, plan your ride, comply with gathering and social distancing guidelines and stay off JCU land.

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  1. Daniel on May 29, 2020 at 1:20 AM

    Have they given any explanation as to why?

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