Douglas Trails Update

**Douglas Trail Works Update**
Construction of new gravity trail starts next week.
Winton Scapes (Evan Winton) will start construction of the new gravity trail (Ridgeline) next week. This new trail is funded by Queensland Government “Get in the Game Program” and basically runs from Ironbark hub (Beefwood / Longway junction) down the old Ridgeline to Klewarra Blvde on the northern side of Keelback. There will be some disruption to The Longway and Whiptail near the Windarra Ave entry, during construction. At worst the trails may be closed for a week – we’ll post up and let you know.
Will this new trail impact on Parmi’s?
NO. All sorted months ago.
Why are we building new trails when we haven’t completed the repairs to damaged trails???
Because – 1. this funding is completely separate to the repair funding and was approved prior to the Feb rain event;
Because – 2. Evan W is the preferred contractor and committed to the project 6 months ago and he has a full work schedule so it’s now or never! Faz (Enviroedge) will be assisting Evan so that work gets completed reasonably quickly.
Heads up:
Club members / local companies Michael Brosnan – Townsville Earth Moving, Tim Payne – Enviroedge and Owen Blacklock – Ausfield have committed to providing Rockwheelers with various resources (machines, labour, equipment etc) at the right price so that we get best value out of the funding money as possible. This is for all the trail work done to be done at Douglas up to end of next year. So…next time you need a subdivision built, a walking track on a tropical island or someone to spend all day on a brushcutter on the side of a hill you know who to call…
By the end of 2020 (sooner hopefully) Rockwheelers would have invested close $300,000 at the Douglas Mountain Bike Reserve. We may have been hit by 2m of rain but as they say “every black cloud has a silver lining”
And as you can see the Rockwheelers Committee are doing a great job.
There will be more updates as the various projects underway at the reserve reach a milestone.

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