Douglas Brush Cutting Blitz!!

Brush Cutting Blitz!!!

Douglas is overgrowing and the club is hosting a couple of races in a few weeks. Your trails need some of your love. Please find a couple hours on the weekend to run a club brush cutter, working in small crews, and clearing the trail corridors of as much overgrowth as you can.

We’re running 2 hour shifts from 6am Saturday and then from 6am Sunday. OK if folks want to do double shifts.

What’s worked for us in the past is for Volunteers to work together on the same track, leapfrogging if they want pace each other. That helps us focus on clearing continuous sections and to guide people where to start from during the day. Plus, people have got a buddy nearby just in case.

At the end of your shift, if the next volunteer hasn’t yet arrived, leave the gear track-side for the next person. At the end of last shift, folks can walk the gear out for collection at the car park {pending where we end up Saturday, might be stashing the gear on the hill}.

Rockwheelers will supply a commercial grade brush cutter (4 working and currently available), Personal Protective Equipment (Stihl helmet with ear and face shield protection), brush cutter cord, fuel, and basic first aid items.

You’ll need to bring: sturdy closed in shoes, long pants, long sleeve shirt, insect repellent, sunscreen, hydration, mobile phone.

Operating our powerful brush cutters is serious stuff and not the same as just waving around your regular backyard weed wacka.

Please study this document “Safe operation of a Brushcutter” before emailing.

Any questions, email [email protected]

If you can help:
Please email your preferred shift start times to [email protected] with your mobile phone number and confirmation that you’ve completed the induction (refer above).

Brushcutting blitz 14-15 April – Douglas

Please post a picture of your trail handy work after your shift.

If you can coordinate: kick things off at first shift, keep things moving during the day, texting upcoming shift where to start, troubleshooting, restocking end-of-day, you’d be saving our Land Access Coordinator having its butt hanging out a very, very long way. Please email – he’s happy to coach and shadow so you aren’t left in the lurch.

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