A Night Of Stars – Volunteer Appreciation Night

The Executive Committee of Townsville Rockwheelers cordially invites
you and your family to

A Night of Stars

on Saturday 28th April, 2018 6:00pm, at Riverview Tavern grassed area.

Address: Riverside Boulevard, Douglas QLD 4814

Our volunteers and members our club’s greatest assets, real stars in our part of the mountain biking galaxy. Rarely do we get together, whole of club, just to swap our glory stories, and to celebrate our victories and the collective efforts of our volunteers. And how often do we get to simply bring our often not-so-crazy-about-mountain biking families out to connect with our Rockwheelers community. Well, let’s do it, this Saturday – party with a night of stars.

Dress code: casual; some will be in their riding gear.

Seating: mostly cocktail style. To help limit event pack down, please bring your own camping chairs/picnic rug for the grassed area.

Dinner service: mixed platters, from 7:00pm

Arrival of Glow Stick riders: participants of this MTBA ride will complete formal sign-outs at Douglas mountain bike reserve. Those able to attend A night of Stars, will follow the leader and transition along the Ross River track to Riverview Tavern, to parade the party and receive a raucous welcome. Expected arrival 7:30pm. A barrier enclosure will be installed in the centre of the grassed area for riders to rack their bikes and keep an eye on them during the evening.

Note: Glow Stick riders may find it more convenient to park their car at the Riverview Tavern prior to the MTBA ride, then transition to the Douglas Mountain Bike Reserve to commence the ride. Upon return for the parade lap, car will be waiting.

Ceremonies: guests are kindly asked to assemble at the grassed area by 7:30pm for brief speeches.

Close of proceedings: 8:00pm. Competitors/volunteers at the XCM next day and families can take this opportunity to depart. Other guests are invited to party on with like-minded, fellow club members.

Costs: in keeping with our tight-sphincter, true to mountain biking nature, we’ll keep things on a tight budget.
• Entry is $5 per person, covering food and venue (trying to sort out Point-of-sale or online pre-payment – stay tuned for email closer to the day).
• Attendees to purchase their own drinks from the bar.
• No compensation or refunds for having to listen to Longo on the microphone – buyer beware!

Venue zones (refer map below): Rockwheelers have reserved the side bar deck to facilitate alcoholic beverage consumption. Also, most of the activities and all ceremonies will be conducted on the barricaded large grassed area to the southern end of the car park. No alcoholic consumption will be permitted on the grassed area – just simply head back into the pub for a drink. Non-alcoholic drinks, only on the grass. Food service will occur on both the side deck and the grassed area.

A couple activities (soccer, sack racing) will be allocated for kids to keep occupied.

Event site plan (subject to change on the day):

RSVP: sooner the better please – we have to book catering, service staff and security. Kindly indicate your attendance numbers via this poll by 12pm, Wednesday 25th April, 2018 and special dietary requirements.

Additional survey: to help organisers to compile rich stories of volunteer contributions that we can share on the night, and to help compile some volunteering statistics for NQ MTB forum and future grant/other partner applications, your assistance to complete a few extra questions at the bottom of the RSVP survey would be greatly appreciated.

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