2018 Event Dates

We have locked in all our dates for 2018 including placeholder events on our Facebook and Website.

If you are on Facebook make sure you subscribe to our page and mark your interest to make sure you get updates on each event as we get closer to the day.

Townsville Mountain Bike Festival Friday 27th April – Sunday 29 April
Mike Carney Toyota Paluma Push 2018 Sunday 22 July
Dam Dark 2018 – TBA

Downhill Series Round 1 Sunday 25 Feb
Downhill Series Round 2 Sunday 11 March
Downhill Series Round 3 Sunday 8 April
Downhill Series Round 4 Sunday 19 Aug
Downhill Series Chainless Championship Sunday 7 Oct

Gravity Enduro Series Round 1 Sunday 6 May
Gravity Enduro Series Round 2 Saturday 23 June
Gravity Enduro Series Round 3 Sunday 12 August

XC Series Round 1 Saturday 21 April
XC Series Round 2 Sunday 28 May
XC Series Round 3 (Targa) Sunday 30 June
XC Series Round 4 Sunday 9 September
XC Series Round 5 Saturday 6 October

Events on our website: http://www.rockwheelers.com.au/events/
Events on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/rockwheelers/events/

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