Post Rain Repairs Working Bee #1

February 16, 2019

The Douglas Mountain Bike Reserve has sustained substantial damage over the last two weeks of rainfall.

As such a major effort from our wonderful volunteers is going to be needed to bring the park back to a ride-able and enjoyable condition.

This working bee will focus on getting a complete loop open on the mountain, with potential to clean up a few other trails, most of this will be on the wedge tail/hammerhead side of the mountain.

Please if you enjoy the park, be it in the saddle or on foot, come along and help our small group of regular volunteers to reverse whats meters of rainfall has done.

Some tooling will be provided by the club, if you have your own please bring it along, a few wheelbarrows will no doubt be needed!

Many hands make light work, See you there!

Wade, Trail building Co-ordinator

To keep track of the immense amount of work required at Douglas MTB reserve please use the eppicollect 5 app to log all works completed. A new project has been set up,…/volunteer-trail-repairs/data 
Please follow the instructions to download and use the app. Epicollect 5 data collection app instructions
For Tracking Volunteer trail repair at Douglas MTB reserve
• Download Epicollect 5 app
• Open app
• + add project- Volunteer Trail Repairs
• Perform a test entry and familiarize yourself with the app. Ensure you fill out all the fields and update your location for every entry. 
For more information or clarification please contact Travis Bailey
Land access coordinator [email protected]

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