Jackson + Semler Projects Downhill Series Round 1

April 7, 2019

Where: Mt Stuart (full new side)
When: Sunday 7th April 2019

Shuttles from 9:30AM
Racing from 1:00PM

Rego Link: https://online.mtba.asn.au/ERegister.aspx?E=6284

Insurance: All riders must hold MTBA racing insurance or purchase a Day Licence

Equipment: All riders must have an off-road worthy bike in good operating condition, a full face helmet, knee guards and closed in shoes.

Recommended: protective clothing such as gloves, goggles, guards for elbows, arms, shoulders and neck brace.

Volunteers: There are jobs which we need someone to fill for this race to happen. If you can help (or know someone who can) please let an organizer know.

Contact Noddy 0422435831

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